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New Moon Bathing Flowers


Brand: Aquarian Soul

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A loose leaf version of our new moon bath tea. Delight in taking a dip in a bath of flowers. You can pour in a small amount into your tub or use the muslin bag provided to soak without the mess. The combination of these calming herbs help you sooth both mind and body. Calendula has anti inflammatory properties which help any type of skin irritation. Chamomile is also extremely soothing and provides an amazing aroma. Lemon balm is a gentle nerving which helps calm any anxiety or worries. Jasmine flowers balance skin as well as help retain moisture.


Place a generous pinch of mixture into muslin bag provided. Toss bag into hot bath and enjoy!

Key Ingredients


is used primarily for its soothing, reparative qualities for skincare. Helps speed up healing in skin conditions and is highly soothing for acne, eczema and other skin irritations. 


Is not only one of the best smelling flowers in existence, it is full of wonderful properties beneficial to your skin. It is very hydrating, and helps retain moisture while keeping your skin balanced and toned. It also acts as a mild sedative which helps calm anxieties and worries. It also acts as a mood lifting flower which helps put you in a better mood and relieves depression. 


is another highly calming herb that is also known for its ability to brighten and improve skin tone. Chamomile is so gentle it is also used in children's and baby’s formulas which makes this a very gentle, and calming skin soother. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!

Lemon Balm

Is another gentle, calming herb that is often used in formulas for anxiety and restful sleep. It helps calm you down and unwind after a long day. Its soothing to both mind and body as you soak into deep relaxation.






Ingredients: Calendula officinalis (marigold) flowers, Jasmine Sp. (jasmine) flowers, Melissa officinalis (lemon balm)*, Chamomila matricaria (chamomile) flowers* (*organic)(**wildcrafted)



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