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Flowers and Sage Sacred Smoke


Brand: Aquarian Soul

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Burning incense is not only used for its pleasant aroma but for its mystical properties. It is a sort of transformative aromatherapy that bridges the world between our reality and the spirit realm. Using smoke to transform a space is an ancient tradition used by cultures all around the world. Smoke rises into the air bringing with it your intentions up into the sky to assist with manifestation of your desires. Whether or not you practice any type of ritual, incense can act as a calming act that helps put you in a state of relaxation and can clear your space of negative energies. 

This blend is inspired by our original floral smudge wands which contain all these same elements broken down into a loose incense. 



Place a pinch of incense blend on ceramic dish and light with lighter or on a charcoal disc for a longer lasting burn. Never leave incense unattended. 


Key Ingredients


White Sage


Rose Petals

Pink Rose Buds






Ingredients: Salvia apiana (white sage)**, Rosa demascena (red rose) petals, Rosa demascena (pink rose) buds*, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flowers (*organic)(**wildcrafted)



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