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Full Moon, New Moon. What's the difference?

When it comes to setting intentions & manifesting abundance, many believe (me included) that the moon can be a powerful tool. We experience a full lunar cycle every 28 days and both the full moon & new moon can offer up different energy to help us grow. You know when things seem to be a bit crazy and people say "must be a full moon..." ?! That's actually a thing!

I won't pretend to know all there is to know about astrology but I find it so interesting. I follow Liana Shanti's weekly recordings and have her Full Moon Motivation course - I learn so much from her each week and she provides so much insight into why we may be feeling the way we are day to day.

Here's a really easy way to look at it:

Full Moon - a great time to release any negative energy you are holding onto & let go of all you wish to no longer carry in your life.

New Moon - Write down goals and think of all you wish to manifest.

If you too love the moon & it's energy, check out this free downloadable Lunar Calendar print. It will help you track the moon cycles and looks so beautiful on the wall.

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