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5 Books I Loved, That I Bet You've Never Read!

I don't enjoy reading. Well, let me rephrase that, I need to be 100% into a book for it to capture my attention, so I can actually absorb what I'm reading. So if it's not interesting, I'm out.

Here are 5 books that not only kept my attention, but that I could NOT put down!

The Glitter Plan - Buy It Here


Pamela & Gela are the founders of Juicy Couture. The Glitter Plan is a story about how they created a global brand, with next to no money. Juicy Couture was one of the first brands to use "Influencer" marketing, although it looked a little different back then. They talk about lessons they learned along way and eventually selling the company to Liz Claiborne for just over 53 million dollars! 

The Sweet Life - Buy It Here

Such a beautiful story about truly finding yourself. Dulce Candy (yes, that's actually the authors name - how pretty?!) was born in Mexico and at a young age, her and her family immigrated (illegally) to the US. During her early years she suffered from depression & didn't feel like she fit in anywhere. After school, on a whim she decided to enrol in the army! In her spare time she experimented with makeup and today she is one of the biggest beauty influencers, with over 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Leave Your Mark - Buy It Here

Aliza Licht is a PR maven who leveraged social media (before it was a really a thing) to create brand interest. She created a massive following on Twitter with her candid, behind-the-scenes look into the fashion industry. The book offers guidance to those who are just starting out their careers & explains the importance of developing your personal brand.

True Love - Buy It Here

Jennifer Lopez. Do you really need more of a reason to pick this one up? #queenofallthethings . This biography was a great read. She talks about growing up in the bronx, where her love of dance came from, all the juicy relationship stuff (The Bennifer wedding almost happened!) & how she found love for herself and the struggles she faced to get there. 

Going Off Script - Buy It Here

Last but not least, this could have been my favourite and I may actually read it again. It's a biography by Giuliana Rancic, longtime host of E! News. The story is about her early childhood, growing up in Italy, how she changed entertainment news, overcoming cancer & all the juicy celeb stories you didn't know you needed to hear - ie. Ariana Grande being a bit of a diva and Jerry O'Connell as a total fuckboy!

So, there it is ladies! A few books to keep you cozy inside as the weather gets cool. There is something for everyone in these titles and I promise they don't disappoint. Let me know if you pick one up and what you think.


Peace & Love,


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  • Jenna: January 08, 2020

    Ahh Tia, I love Tia’s book club!
    I’ve read 3 out of 5- I’ve got a couple more to add to the list. 🖤

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